Lady Alusa Vylnaro (born across the DragonSpine at an unknown date)is a member of the Dae'randir, Defender of Solhaven, and follower of Onar.


Alusa Vylnaro

Race Sylvankind
Culture None that she admits to
Class Spy
Profession She makes shoes
Religion Onar
In-a-Word Murderer
Disposition Indifferent
Demeanor Neutral
Primary Trait Scars on her face
Flaw None
Greatest Strength Stealth
Greatest Weakness Emotions
Habits Smirking
Hobbies Spying
Soft Spots Aydan
Likes Daggers
Dislikes Noble people
Fears Onar's disapproval
Loyalties To and for Onar, only

Early Years Edit

Not much is known about Alusa before her appearence in the Freeport of Solhaven. Some still remember a raggid Sylvan hiding in the shadows of the town, quietly watching everything. Alusa quickly became sucessful in business by making shoes for the locals.

The past few years.. Edit

Alusa became a known member of the Dae'randir, a collective group who follow Onar. Alusa was well-known for her fight against the human empire trying to lay claim to her beloved city. Alusa is quietly known for her fierce loyality to her close friends and business partners.

Love Life Edit

Alusa has never really had any succuss with her love affairs, but there will always be one human that will have a special place in her heart.

Where is she now? Edit

Alusa's face disappeared from the shadows of Solhaven not too long ago. Not much is known about her current whereabouts, but rumor has it that she is on some mission for her beloved Arkati, Onar.