Race Elf
Culture Nalfein
Class Rogue
Profession Merchant, Collector,
Financier of the DBHPS
Religion None
In-a-Word Scheming
Disposition Friendly*
Demeanor Reserved
Primary Trait Contingency Planning
Secondary Trait Escape Artist
Flaw Indirect
Greatest Strength Subtly
Greatest Weakness Windermere
Hobbies History, Business Monopolies
Likes Money, Status, Business/Merchanting
Spouse Windermere
Loved One Windermere

"I do not see the problem..."

Synopsis Edit

In short, Baelhar is a ruthless merchantman and businessman. He knows what he wants and pursues it relentlessly (this also applies to other things than business). While he sees his tactics as perfectly acceptable and all "part of the game," others do not and disagree on various levels. Unlike what some might expect from his Nalfein heritage, he does not use "untimely or convenient deaths" as a business tactic. That said, he is still an expert at all things Nalfein...

Baelhar is generally friendly, unless you cross him or give him some other reason not to be. He always has a plan for any foreseeable future path. He is also generally manipulating events to go down the path that he sees as the most advantageous to him.

Currently Edit

Baelhar's current activities include "wooing" Windermere (though they are already married), escaping Windermere's dungeon, keeping up-to-date and up-to-dose on the latest poison antidotes and preventatives, searching for and collecting historically significant items, managing his various businesses, and looking for the latest business opportunities for potential investment.

Darkstone Bay Historic Preservation Society Edit

Baelhar is the sole financier of the Darkstone Bay Historic Preservation Society. He provides both funds and historically significant items to the society's collections.

Background Edit

To be revealed...

[See Also: Windermere]