Baelog Arthmael
Race Giantkin
Culture T'Kirem
Class Warrior
Profession Blackguard
Religion None
In-a-Word Bear
Demeanor Stoic
Primary Trait Strong
Secondary Trait Durable
Flaw Arrogant
Greatest Strength Physical Strength
Greatest Weakness Stubborn, Short Fuse
Habits Hunting, Drake Meetings
Hobbies Guild Work, Collecting Rolaren
Soft Spots Lunaryna
Likes Rolaren, Fighting
Dislikes Krolvin, Half-Krolvin, Enemies of the Sunfist, Undead
Loyalties Lunaryna, Drakes Vanguard, Guardians of the Sunfist
Best Friend
Loved One Lunaryna

You see High Lord Baelog Arthmael the Blackguard.
He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
He is extremely tall in stature and appears to be youthful. He has piercing crystal blue eyes and tanned skin. He has long, night-black hair tied into a loose ponytail with a braided leather hair-tie. He has a straight nose and broad shoulders. He has a strongly angled jawline which enhances his already stalwart appearance.

He has a simple rolaren ring in the upper ridge of his right ear, and a silver-traced black Saramar rune tattoo on his neck.

He is wearing a dark ebon wool cloak fastened with a row of rolaren clasps, an iron bound leather baldric slung over his shoulder, a suit of hefty rolaren field plate, a heavy linked belt, a rat skull clasped satchel, a black leather sporran clasped with a krolvin skull, a leather survival kit, a heavily pleated ebon and argent tartan kilt fastened with a trio of rolaren buckles, and some rolaren plated boots.