Black Forest viper
Level 59
Creature Type
Undead No
Magical No
Realm(s) Found Ta'Illistim
Sub Area(s) Found Blighted Forest

The black forest viper is a shadowy charcoal grey, complemented by its paler grey underbelly. Small horned protrusions rise above each of the viper's eyes, giving the creature a devilish appearance. Much larger than a typical snake, the viper is nearly ten feet long, and it is quite capable of slaying foes as large as a human. The snake's lazy movement belies its ability to strike rapidly when threatened.

Attack Attributes
Attack Strength +334
Ranged Attack Strength
Bolt Attack Strength
Casting Strength
Offensive Spells
Maneuver Abilities Venomous spit
Special Abilities
Defense Attributes
Defense Strength +272
Ranged Defense Strength
Unarmed Defense Factor {{{udf}}}
Bolt Defense Strength
Spiritual Target Defense +220
Elemental Target Defense +246
Mental Target Defense
Bard Target Defense +200 to +206
Cleric Target Defense
Empath Target Defense
Paladin Target Defense
Ranger Target Defense
Sorcerer Target Defense
Wizard Target Defense
Defensive Spells

Treasure Drops
Skin Viper fang
Alchemy Drops

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