Level 5
Creature Type
Undead No
Magical No
Realm(s) Found Ta'Vaalor
Sub Area(s) Found Toadwort

Twice the size of a domestic cat, the bobcat is covered in dense, thick fur varying from soft greys to light reddish brown. The fur along the middle back is darker, while his underparts are snowy white. Deep brown spots mark the bobcat's pelt but a predominent white spot on the back of his dark triangular ears make him easily recognizable when gathered with other wild cats. Whisking back and forth with his short banded tail, the bobcat seems anxious to pounce on his next prey.

Attack Attributes
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Ranged Attack Strength
Bolt Attack Strength
Casting Strength
Offensive Spells
Maneuver Abilities
Special Abilities
Defense Attributes
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Treasure Drops
Skin Bobcat claw
Alchemy Drops