Bone golem
Level 8
Creature Type
Undead Yes
Realm(s) Found Wehnimer's Landing, Ta'Vaalor, River's Rest
Sub Area(s) Found Danjirland
Plains of Bone
The Citadel

Dried bones send sickening clacking sounds throughout the area at the barest movement of a bone golem. Its large skull capped with twin horns formed of sharply spiraled bone begins a long spine ending in a sharp tail that whips back and forth in a vicious swipe. Even longer than the snout of the bone golem are its sickly jointed claws which have been filed at the ends into terrifying weapons. Contrary to the empty feeling of its bones, it moves with the blocky movement of an enormous, fleshed creature.

Attack Attributes
Attack Strength +97 to +107
Ranged Attack Strength
Bolt Attack Strength
Casting Strength
Offensive Spells
Maneuver Abilities Tailswipe
Special Abilities
Defense Attributes
Defense Strength +12
Ranged Defense Strength
Unarmed Defense Factor {{{udf}}}
Bolt Defense Strength +2
Spiritual Target Defense +24
Elemental Target Defense +24
Mental Target Defense
Bard Target Defense +24 to +27
Cleric Target Defense +24
Empath Target Defense +24
Paladin Target Defense
Ranger Target Defense
Sorcerer Target Defense
Wizard Target Defense
Defensive Spells

Treasure Drops
Silvers Yes
Gems Yes
Skin Golem bone
Boxes Yes
Random Loot Yes
Alchemy Drops Crystal core