Owner Metal Haze
Brinret Black ora Sinister black
Tanderick Eahnor Deep crimson
Talryssa Eonake Shimmering silvery grey
Tenaya Eonake Shimmering silvery grey
Sorak Eonake Shimmering silvery grey
Camaenor Faenor Incandescent green
Dank Faenor Incandescent green
Faelln Faenor Incandescent green
Miaya Faenor Incandescent green
Khestra Golvern Radiant golden
Milanthis Golvern Radiant golden
Vyrshkana Golvern Radiant golden
Talryssa Imflass Silvery blue-green
Dornigan Kelyn Iridescent dark green
Valewyn Kelyn Iridescent dark green
Volmir Krodera Distorted silvery blue
Kuvras Urglaes Swirling black
Hazeruth Veil iron Shadowy black
Omrii Veil iron Shadowy black
Rvain Veil iron Shadowy black
Thorvard Veniom Silver-flecked light azure
Qualeric Vultite Pale blue-grey
Issalya White ora Ethereal white

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