Chain of Command

Scrimge -> Wyrom -> Solomon

Platinum Email

For general inquiries to Platinum staff, please email This will make sure things get to the proper person. At any time, if you need to contact a specific GM, their email all follows the format

Platinum Title Requests

All Platinum title requests for hitting level 60, 80, and 100 should be made through the Platinum staff email. There is an approval process that goes beyond just Scrimge and I, as well as QC. The quirkier the request, the longer they usually take.

Specific Roles

Platinum Titles - Scrimge, Wyrom
Patinum Raffles - Scrimge
Animal Companions - Kynlee
Sonic Alterations - Zoelle
Platinum MHO - Hivala
Platinum Point Recovery System - Wyrom

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