Listed below are the currently known private properties that exist in Platinum along with their current owner. Information on private property policies and points can be found at Private Property Policy and Points.

Many thanks to Myke for coming up with the original list and to those who help maintain it.


  • Cozy Cottage -- River's Rest (CARMENTA)
  • Modwir -- Teras (VACANT)
  • The House on The Rock -- Teras (SHILARRA)
  • The Indolence -- Teras (BRINRET)
  • Kodos's Cottage [Completely Redesigned] -- Wehnimer's Landing (CAITHRIS)
  • The Dragon's Lair -- Wehnimer's Landing (VACANT)
  • Valmos' Cottage -- Wehnimer's Landing (VALMOS)
  • Ye Olde Oddity Workshop -- Wehnimer's Landing (SORAK)


  • The Carillion (SOT)
  • The Falcon (BAELHAR?)


  • Crystal Dome -- Icemule Trace (MALIDECTUM)
  • Dark Tower -- Icemule Trace (JESPHIAN)
  • Gelidity House -- Icemule Trace (VACANT)
  • Coral Villa -- Mist Harbor (QADHEON)
  • Misted Cottage -- Mist Harbor (MIAYA)
  • Talon Redoubt -- Pinefar (JANI)
  • Smuggler's Tower -- River's Rest (MITHOGRAS)
  • The Revelry -- Solhaven (KAZUTO)
  • Tidewater Cottage -- Solhaven (KIEL)
  • Manor Olea -- Teras (CAMAENOR)
  • Mesmere Bungalow -- Teras (EULOGIA)
  • Evelise's Retreat -- Ta'Illistim (ISSALYA)
  • Library Aies -- Ta'Illistim (NILANDIA)
  • Queen's Tower -- Ta'Illistim (CASSAE)
  • Stormwild Manor -- Ta'Illistim (MARAT)
  • Alabaster Bastion -- Ta'Vaalor (AIRDRIE)
  • Twilight Parlour -- Ta'Vaalor (BAELHAR)
  • Garden Cottage -- Wehnimer's Landing (CYRIAS)
  • Morning Cottage (Hart Lodge) -- Wehnimer's Landing (ROUSTE)
  • Lornon's Shadow -- Wehnimer's Landing (BERBELS)
  • NotaTree Houseboat -- Wehnimer's Landing (VACANT?)
  • Thrak Suite -- Wehnimer's Landing (HALGUR)
  • Muirgheal Manor -- Zul Logoth (ANNIELLE)

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