Race Elf
Culture Illistim
Class Wizard
Profession Arcane Researcher
Religion Jastev
Demeanor thoughtful
Primary Trait curiosity
Secondary Trait dedication
Flaw egocentric viewpoint
Greatest Weakness aging body
Hobbies reading, casting magic, researching the elements
Likes magic, history, elves, reading, volcanoes
Dislikes cold, the undead, trolls, kids these days
Fears no longer being able to study
Loyalties Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor
Best Friend Bareth, Issalya, Camaenor, Boudicea
Spouse widower (Veletaya)



Early YearsEdit

Qualeric married his wife, Veletaya Richwydd Vaalor, in the Spring of 3961.

Middle AgeEdit

Old AgeEdit

Unfortunately, Veletaya passed away in 5001 after almost 1200 years of marriage.

Current developmentsEdit

After several seasons of researching theoretical elementalism in the Eastern Dragonspines, Qualeric has returned to civilization to continue his studies.

Family CrestEdit